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The IberAm Horse

AFFORDABLE ELEGANCE and beauty with outstanding dressage capabilities is the IberAm horse. Bred for performance and intelligence, IberAms love human companionship and will become your hardy, easy keeper, non intimidating life time equine friend.

IberAm Flag
Iberian Federalist Flag        

Our mission is to join the leaders of the genetic studies in performing practical applications of advancement in genetic knowledge.

We will:
  • Appreciate and respect historical events of the past.
  • Focus primarily on the original post Columbian equines of the Americas.
  • Share and advance knowledge achieved relative to the genetic elements to the entire animal world.
  • Be humble in earning the esteem of the colleagues and associates at all levels thru unbiased research and practices.
  • Strive to improve upon all that we do. Be aware of the world around us.

How we got started and where we are!

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